Plush Hello Kitty Backpack

Plush Hello Kitty Backpack

Two things that never go out of style are backpacks and Hello Kitty. Put ’em together and what’ve you got? Bibbity bobbity Hello Kitty backpack; the Plush Hello Kitty Head Backpack, to be exact.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed the other plush sacks we’ve displayed on GeekAlerts, such as the googly-eyed Plush Shaun the Sheep Shoulder Bag and the dismantled C-3PO Backpack posted recently. We’ve also given a bunch of other swanky Hello Kitty gear the GA nod.

For this HK plush backpack, the first impression one might have is that it’s a pillow. Good guess. Its size is optimal for supporting a human head, and Hello Kitty is as soft and fuzzy as her personality. But the main purpose of this product, other than looking amazing, is to hold your favorite stuff in the zippered compartment that opens in back. Things like your Portable Hello Kitty CD Case, Hello Kitty Stereo Earphones, and Hello Kitty Dynomighty Wallet.

You know what else the Hello Kitty backpack is good for? Serving as a back cushion for times when you’re back (or bum) isn’t getting enough support, like at baseball games, recitals, in class, at work, on long trips, etc.

Plush Hello Kitty Backpack
13″ x 10″
SKU: 160587
Fill: 100% polyester
Adjustable straps

The Plush Hello Kitty Head Backpack is $22.50 at Hot Topic.

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