Pac-Man Cufflinks

Pac-Man Cufflinks

BeauJangles, the Dubai-based British silver jeweler behind the cool Space Invaders cufflinks, has now made a pair of awesome Pac-Man cufflinks.

These cufflinks are heavier than any other pair in my collection. They are 2.5 mm thick and measure 7mm wide by 19mm tall.

You can have two Ghosts or two Pac Man or one of each (as per the photo)…the choice is yours.

You can get the Pac-Man Cufflinks ($48) from BeauJangles Etsy shop.

(Via Geeky Gadgets)

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  1. Wouldya wouldya woulda



  2. when are these goin to come back into stock??

  3. Hi was just wundering with you PAC man cuff links
    are you able to post them to Perth western Australia how
    much will postage cost and do you use paypal as a payment method
    thank you
    Leah Wilson

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