NES Coffee Table and Cartridge End Tables


If you miss all the fun of classic NES and 8-bit games, this NES Coffee Table and Cartridge End Table Set should put a smile on your face.

The seven piece set will include one functional NES coffee table with NES console mounted inside, two NES game controller coasters, two NES cartridge styled end tables, and two wooden NES wall art pieces.

My new 8 bit furniture line is almost ready. This living room set is ready to wire : NES coffee table with 2 outlets and 2 usb ports for the controller slots, 2 huge game cartridge end tables(pick which games you want your end tables to be based on), and 2 giant NES controller coasters (or server trays) are available. You will be able to play all the favorite 8 and16 bit games you have stuffed in your garage with systems mounted inside this table. Play all NES and SNES games. Stay tuned for more pics. Pre-order now and pay a flat $1200.00 If you make all your shipping arrangements yourself. I have 6 sets available for pre-order, otherwise its 1450.00 with shipping I will throw in two 18″ x 18″ wall art characters – your choice – if you order the furniture set!

There are only six sets available, so you better hurry and pre-order the NES Coffee Table and Cartridge End Table Set if you want to forever be surrounded with classic NES styled furniture. You can order the set for $1,200 – $1,450 at and at

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  1. Where can I purchase this? I’ve looked online and can’t find it!

  2. i NEED this!! hope to see it again soon would love to purchase!

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