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The best ideas come–when you find yourself without some paper to jot it down on. This is what happened to JK Rowling while she was sitting at a cafe, so what she did instead was write down all her ideas on some napkins. But you don’t need to be at some cafe to be able to jot down your greatest ideas on napkins, because you can do so in the comforts of your own home with the Napkin Sketchbook.

The Napkin Sketchbook contains genuine napkins which are bound to form a small spiral napkin-book which makes carrying around your ideas easy. Pair it with these awesome Napkin Notes to have an awesomely tissue-y day.

Napkin Sketchbook

Doesn’t it always seems that all your great ideas end up on a cocktail napkin and then you spend the next week trying to find it stuffed in your pockets of bags? Now with the Napkin Notebook, you will never lose that genius idea again. Everyone knows that the best ideas are conceived on restaurant napkins. So, it follows that if you sketch out all of your ideas on napkins they should all be great, right? Makes a great office holiday or white elephant gift!

TheĀ Napkin Sketchbook is available from Baron Bob for $7.95. Also available at

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