Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter

Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter

Sometimes, when there’s a mondo pizza craving rumbling in my stomach, there isn’t time to waste on cutting individual slices, which is when the Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter would be the perfect cutter to have.

Unlike the Pizza Shark Pizza Cutter for shark-lovers or the Slice N’ Serve Pizza Cutter and Server for people that hate to wash dishes, this durable, 18-gauge, stainless steel ring slices a pizza into perfect, equal slices at the same time, making it extra-helpful if (like me) you couldn’t cut equal slices with a standard cutter if your life depended on it.

Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter

  • Cuts baked pizza into equal slices instantly.
  • Use the Accusharp knife sharpener to sharpen blades.
  • Sizes range from 12″-13″, 6-slice to 16″-17″, 12-slice.

The Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter is available for $210-$275 at

(Via TheGreenHead).

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  1. Cool pizza cutter. Marty Shaw looks like Dennis Rader (BTK).

  2. What is the cost?

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