MP3 Neck Pillow

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Memory Foam MP3 Neck Pillow

This memory foam, a material created by NASA, neck pillow comes with built-in speakers. Simply plug in your portable audio player, lean back, relax, and enjoy.

This MP3 neck wrap pillow provides a comfortable place to rest while listening to your own favorite music. Relax at home, in the office, at your computer, traveling – perfect for long flights.


  • Speakers Built In
  • Works with iPod, MP3, or Zune
  • Luxuriously soft memory foam
  • Extra thick

The Memory Foam MP3 Neck Pillow is available from for $36.99 or from the Smarthome website for the same amount.

(CrunchGear via Likecool via Prylfeber)

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4 Responses to “MP3 Neck Pillow”

  1. Exactly what I need for my daily train trip.

  2. Cool, hope you’ll be able to get you hands on one, /pD.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. this is a great product. especially since there are built in speakers.

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