Memo Mug

Memo Mug

There have been increasingly more and more quirky ways of getting a note or message out there rather than just using Post-its. For one, there’s the Switch Notes which lets you stick your notes on light switches. Then there’s the Doorpad Hanging Notepad that reminds people some last minute stuff, just before they head out the door. For all other reminders, they can be written down on the Memo Mug.

The Memo Mug is a neat idea because it reminds people of what they need to do while they’re at work. Specifically, after their coffee break. The mug comes with a non-toxic marker that can be used to scribble down messages on the flat surface of the mug. It’s also a way to have reminders just right there in front of you while you sip your morning coffee.

Ceramic Memo Mug

Memo Mug

Wow! The Memo Mug is one of those things you won’t remember how you lived without… Memo Mug is a ceramic mug that doubles up as a dry-wipe message board. This cool mug is carefully designed so you can easily write your own notes and messages on the straight edge surface. The integrated pen holder means you’ll always have a pen on hand when you need to jot down those really important notes.

  • Mug that doubles up as a message board
  • Easy wipe clean surface
  • Straight edge allows for easy writing
  • Non-toxic marker

The Memo Mug is available from Red5 for £8.95.

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