Mario Mushroom Vibrating Massage Pillow

Mario Mushroom Vibrating Massage Pillow

After a long and hard gaming session, you can now get a much needed massage using this electric vibrating pillow, inspired by the famous life-giving Super Mario 1-Up mushroom.

Product Description

  • It can be used for public security in airports, railway stations, docks, prisons, customs and frontier defense as well as quality control of medicine, food and other commodities.
  • With very low power consumption, this detector can work for over 40 hours continuously
  • Beep sound, LED indicator or vibration when metal detected
  • Control: circulation switch (ON, OFF, a sound of light or mode of vibration)
  • Operating Frequency: 20KHz
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Operating power: 9V DC Battery (not included)
  • Low battery alarm

The Mario Mushroom Vibrating Massage Pillow is yours for $11.99 from DealExtreme.

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  1. This is the power up mushroom…. not the 1up, just saying……

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