LED Sprayer for Your Garden Hose

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LED Nozzle for Garden Hose

I’m sure we all recognize that horrible feeling of waking up in the middle of the night with a strong urge to run out and water the lawn – only to realize it’s too dark to do it.

Don’t worry, those nightmares are over. This universal-fit pistol-grip sprayer comes with a built-in LED light, allowing you to water your lawn and flower beds after dark.

The Lighted Garden Nozzle is available from Restoration Hardware for $12.49.

(Via Home Improvement Ideas)

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20 Responses to “LED Sprayer for Your Garden Hose”

  1. Oh thank goodness. And here I’ve been strapping a flashlight to my hose. 😉 This really is a silly addition to a simple gadget.

  2. NICE Sprayer are you seli it

  3. I think this gadget is awesome…..as I tend to water my garden after dark at least 5 nights a week! To each their own!!

  4. Now I can water my garden when I come home late and it’s already dark. Cool idea!

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