Kate and William Tea Bags

Kate and William Tea BagsIf you’re anything like me you couldn’t care less about the upcoming royal wedding, and you’re already so tired of hearing about it all over the place. Whether you love Kate and William, hate them, or are just sick of hearing about them, it may be fun to teabag them. You can with the Kate and William Tea Bags!

April 29th will be here soon, and then hopefully we will stop being bombarded with news about the Kate and William Wedding. To calm your annoyance until that happens, you can get it out of your system by teabagging the bride and groom to be if you order this tea bag set.

Kate and William Tea Bags

These teabags only come in the set, so if you just want to teabag Kate Middleton, you’re stuck with a Will teabag too.

Product Features:

  • One William and one Kate teabag per set
  • Includes a greeting card if you wish to send them as a gift
  • Classic Tea Blend with Assam

Pre-order the Kate and William Card and Tea Bags for £5.99 from Firebox.com.

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  1. Hahahaha! I’d love to get my hands of one of these 😀

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