Infection – New Cool Tokyoflash LED Watch


Infection is the name of a new beautiful watch from the Japanese watch importer Tokyoflash. The timepiece features a unique pulsating three color LED display – once again with the characteristic hard-to-tell-the-time look.

Featuring a creatively designed full face mirrored lens and an innovative way to view time, no one is immune to Infection. Finished with a matching leather band and stainless steel clasp.

Housed in a smart new case, Infection is ergonomically designed to neatly fit the contours of your wrist, the tapered edges providing a smooth transition between the case and lens.


Twenty-seven multi-colored LEDs pulsate and move like cells across the curved face to present the time from beneath the attractive mirrored mineral crystal lens.

Twelve red LEDs indicate hours, eleven yellow LEDs represent the progression of time in groups of five minutes and four green LEDs show single minutes. A single touch of the upper button animates the LEDs, a single touch of the lower button shows the time immediately.


The Infection LED watch measures 30 x 42 x 11mm and it is now available from the Tokyoflash website for ¥13,900 (about $135 USD).

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9 Responses to “Infection – New Cool Tokyoflash LED Watch”

  1. am I right in reading the time to be 11:59?

    Is this thing running 12 or 24 hour time?

  2. “Twelve red LEDs indicate hours”

    what do you think? 😉

  3. As I understand it, the time would be 3.56 in that picture.

  4. It’s a good thing it’s a picture because it took 3 minutes to figure what time it was..

  5. no it would be 3.59

  6. I was referring to the second photo when I said 3.56. That is true bhbh, the time for the watch in the first photo is 3.59. 🙂

  7. The second photo looks like 12:59

  8. Where can I get this kind of watches? and wich is the cost?, specialy the “Infection – New Cool Tokyoflash LED Watch”. Thanks a lot.

  9. hmhmhmhm..also I understand it, the time would be 3.56 in that picture.

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