iDAB – DAB Radio for iPod


The U.K. based Intempo company has launched the iDAB, a device that allows you to listen to DAB digital radio on your iPod.

The 40mm square iDAB is compatible with all iPods, except the Shuffle, and connects into the base of your portable player.

The side buttons lets you play, search and scroll stations. Track titles, current radio station and other info is displayed on the LCD screen.

According to Pocket-lint, the iDAB will be available in colors to match the latest range of iPods and will retail for £59.99 (about $126) when it hit the stores this December.

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4 Responses to “iDAB – DAB Radio for iPod”

  1. Yuk. The Roberts one looks much better as it wont add lots of extra stress to the docking connector and it also has FM.

  2. I agree the Roberts one is nicer, their products usually are.

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