Humunga Lips

Humunga Lips

I currently have two dogs in the house: an adorable black Pomeranian named Billy, and my adorable Shih Tzu that I’ve named Hennessy. I love my dogs to pieces and give them huge hugs every morning or whenever I go out to spend some time with them. As expected, I’ve been kissed (or rather, licked on) by my pups at least once or twice on the kisser ever since I got them. So when I saw these Humunga Lips, well, you know I just had to have them.

The Humunga Lips are actually rubber balls that have a huge pair of lips molded to one side. So while your frisky little pup runs around carrying it in his mouth, it’ll look like he (or she) has suddenly grown a huge pair of human-looking lips. Pucker up!

Humunga Lips

Humunga Lips

As if you needed an explanation, the Humunga Lips are actually a non-toxic rubber ball with a pair of lips molded on to it. When pooch picks up the ball the lips stick out so that he/she immediately resembles a pouting catwalk princess. It’s totally barking.

Whether you’re playing fetch in the park or attempting to go indognito down the high street, your four-legged friend will never tire of causing consternation amongst sniggering onlookers.

The Humunga Lips are available from Firebox for £10.99 ($17.)

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