Gummy Bear Lamps

Gummy Bear Lamps

At first these may look like the edible Giant Gummy Bears we posted about before, but don’t try to eat these Gummy Bear Lamps no matter how delicious they look. Although they look like the iconic candy, these are actually lights.

Although not suitable as a room light, as these Gummy Bear Lamps are not very bright, they are nice for producing colorful ambient light. They have a built-in LED light that is illuminated by squeezing on the gummi bear’s belly. It is powered by the the included USB cable or by AA batteries.

Gummy Bear Lamp

Here’s a home accessory so delectably adorable you’ll be glad that you can’t eat him! During the day, this cute, rubbery bear will take the boredom out of any room and at night, with a squeeze of his belly, a built-in LED light will provide sweet splashes of ambient colored light. Made in China.

Gummy Bear Lamps come in Red, Green, and Yellow for $28 from UncommonGoods. They are currently back-ordered, but they are expected to ship by November 4, 2011.

(Foodbeast Via MustHaveCute)

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  1. These are fantastic. What a great idea. Perfect gift for my nephew!

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