Futurama Knit Hats

Futurama Knit Hats

If you’re a fan of Futurama, then you know all about the alcoholic, whore-mongering, chain-smoking, gambling robot named Bender and Nibbler, an advanced being that Leela dresses up in a baby’s diaper and red cape. Well, now is your chance to walk in their shoes…kind of, anyway. The Futurama Knit Hats will have you looking like Bender and Nibbler, hopefully without some of their personality traits.

Officially licensed and one size fits most, these knit hats are the prefect accessory on a cold winter day. Bender features bulging eyeballs, warm ear flaps and radio antenna on top, while Nibbler has bulging eyes and mouth with ear flaps and his third eye.

Futurama Knit Hats

  • Futurama knit hats to wear on your deliveries
  • Officially licensed Futurama apparel
  • Long flaps keep your ears nice and warm
  • Choose: Bender or Nibbler
  • One size fits most

If you’ve ever wanted to look like an industrial metal-bending robot that was manufactured in Tijuana, Mexico, now is your chance. You can purchase the Futurama Knit Hats at ThinkGeek.com for $15.99 each.

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  1. WHOA! These are really badass! I want both of them.

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