Funny T-Shirt Giveaway

Funny T-Shirt Giveaway

For Funny T-Shirts with a geeky vibe, you turn to For funny t-shirts for free, you turn to and our Funny T-Shirt Giveaway. If you win this contest, you’ll have an $80 budget to select up to 8 t-shirts of the size, style, and color of your choice. There are hundreds of funny tees to choose from, with coverage of all the geek favorites like bacon, video games, Dr. Who, Star Wars, zombies, and more.

Since you can select the shirts you want if you win this giveaway, start things off by visiting the Neatoshop T-Shirts Category. Browse the selections and pick at least one funny tee you would like if you win and post it in a comment to this page. Then use the Rafflecopter Giveaway form below to earn/activate your entries.

If you’re the lucky winner randomly selected from the entries at the end of this giveaway, you’ll have an $80 budget towards the purchase of in-stock t-shirts from Since their shirts are priced from $9.95 to $14.95, this means you’ll be able to select 5 to 8 t-shirts and have a new funny tee for every day of the week (or at least work/school week). Don’t worry, shipping is covered too!

This sweepstakes is open to everyone 18 years of age or older world-wide, and you can earn up to 8 entries. You must enter by January 29, 2013 12:01 AM EST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note that even if you already did something in the past, such as liking GeekAlerts on facebook, you can still add the entries for that task in this giveaway. Just make sure to keep everything active through the drawing period, because we’ll verify the winner actually completed the required tasks for the entries. Use a valid email account when you enter so we can contact you if you win. GeekAlerts DOES NOT send spam emails, sell, distribute or share information with anyone. Read the Official Rules for all the legal details.

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179 Responses to “Funny T-Shirt Giveaway”

  1. I would like the Peanut Butter Jellyfish t-shirt! ($14.95)

  2. I would like the Remember Little Zombies, No Running! shirt ($14.95)

  3. i love the Clown Tardis – “its bigger on the inside”

  4. I love the Winter is coming one!

  5. It has to be Real Zombies Don’t Run, also the I Heart Anatomy is really appropiate for my profession.

  6. I’d take any of the Bacon shirts! I also want the Fellowship shirt, Creepmobile, Dark Ring Invisible Power, Hippocrates, Where’s Higgs Boson, Young Schroedinger, … OMG there are too many to list!

  7. I like the santa clause t-shirt

  8. Lovin the Angry Nerds!!!!

  9. Anything Firefly or Dr. Who. Got a 9yo Whovian that would LOVE her some Doctor shirts.

  10. Horror Blogger Alliance
    Skull Pile

  11. Science Ruined Dinosaurs. My motto.

  12. These are the shirts I would pick if I were so lucky:
    Live, Laugh, Love. Die Anyway
    Lederhosen T-Shirt
    Welcome to the Gun Show
    I Heart Bigfoot
    Pirate Rehab
    Bad to the Gnome
    I Do What The Voices in My Wife’s Head Tell Me

  13. This one has been a long time favorite, because it’s true in our home. πŸ™‚

  14. I like the Green Lantern Verde X-Ray T-Shirt, Evolution of Gamers T-Shirt, and the Star Wars Death Star Relativity T-Shirt

  15. Im getting the Darth Vader shirt and the Halo shirt.

  16. WInter is Coming FTW!!!!

  17. I like the Pink Freud one XD

  18. Science Ruined Dinosaurs

  19. I like the superman curl in hair one

  20. I love the “Winter Is Coming” T-shirt the most. “Schrodinger’s Cat: Wanted Dead And/Or Alive” is a close second.

  21. I LOVE the fellowship shirt with the smurf at the end also I love the Pixelated Triplets!

  22. I would probably get these:
    Kiss My CSS Cat
    SeQret Cat
    Still Plays With Trains

  23. Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton !! Amazing! πŸ˜€

  24. I do so love the Halo teabagging shirt…even though I hate those lousy teabaggers! Runner up goes to the Dalek “Exterminate Me” prank. Classic.

  25. These T-Shirts are awesome. Love the zombies shirt

  26. i’m not a cloud i’m fart

  27. I am not a cloud I am a fart

  28. I think most of these shirts are some of the funniest I’ve seen.

  29. Good stuff.

  30. I Heart Bigfoot

  31. awesome star wars!

  32. I would want these:

    Zombies Ate My Homework
    I’m Not A Cloud I’m A Fart
    I Heart Zombies
    A Day Without Sunshine Is Like Night

  33. I See Dumb People

  34. “I Survived The Mayan Apocalypse” – This shirt is awesome!

  35. the Winter is coming shirt is funny

  36. A lot of great shirt but my top 5 are as follows πŸ˜€

    – Welcome to Woodbury
    – I Survived The Mayan Apocalypse
    – He Fishes Therefore I Shop
    – Hello My Name is McLovin
    – Be Careful


    This is my motto for the New Year, New Me, New Life… πŸ™‚ It would be great if I won this Giveaway, because I am cleaning my inner self as well as my outer self, I have a new image, and some new Neat-o Shirts would make it that much better…
    Have A Great Day!!!!!!!!

  38. I love the Warning … All Stressed Out & No One To Choke!

  39. OMG – I love the “addicted to silence” t-shirt that is tooo funny i love it!!!!!!

  40. Angry Nerds!

  41. I would get the pessimistic rainbow tee.

  42. I like the Exterminate Me dalek tee

  43. I love the Sandpooper shirt, it’s pretty awesome!

  44. Thanks, nice prize.

  45. So many great choices, but this one tops my list because I am deeply in touch with my inner dorkiness…

  46. the Star Trek Command Uniform T-Shirt

  47. Anything Who or bacon would be great.

  48. 1. SeQret Cat
    2. Never Grow Up
    3. Catberus
    4. Love thy Father
    5. Catnipped
    6. I survived the Mayan Apocalypse
    7. Cats Prove Arrogance is bliss
    8. Terminator blue Skin

    OMG best contest ever, thanks so much for the opportunity!

  49. I love the “Remember Little Zombies, No Running!” shirt ( (L, black).

  50. I really love Winter is Coming

  51. Woodbury tee.

  52. Wow, too many awesome choices. But I’ll start out with:
    -I Survived the Mayan Apocalypse.
    -Powered by Caffeine.

    And then any Doctor Who t-shirts.

  53. love the busted and the winter is coming t-shirt

  54. These are what I would love to win (all large)

    I Heart Forensics
    Pirate Rehab
    Multiple Personalities
    C++ Programmers Do It With Class
    There’s No Place Like Home (Unix)
    Battle Damage

  55. “The garage is mine… you can have the rest of the house”
    Is a good one!

  56. Winter is Coming, I Survived the Mayan Apocalypse, and Cybercan.

  57. The Evolution of Gamers is pretty funny, but I would have to decide if I would get all of the shirts for ME or give some as gifts…hmmm…decisions, decisions.

  58. pirate rehab!

  59. I liked a lot of these shirts! πŸ™‚

    -protected by ninja kitty
    -I’m so cute, I must be Irish (wish you had kid sizes too. :))
    -gnome of the free and the brave
    -that’s how I roll
    -stop-hammerhead time
    -powered by caffeine (love this one)

  60. So many awesome… But I love the Thesaurus dinosaur

  61. Any of the Doctor Who shirts!

  62. I want the winter is coming one!

  63. I love the Warning: Accident Prone shirt. It’s the perfect way to warn people that hilarity will ensue as I fall down.

  64. I’d love the:
    Rememeber to Pillage then burn
    Bite Me
    Lone Wolf (glow in the dark)
    Madness takes its toll
    Camp Moonshine
    Best way to a fishermans heart
    paddle faster I hear banjo music

  65. Want the geeky!

  66. Halo Teabagging

  67. Protected by ninja kitty lol

  68. the SeQret Cat and the Powered by Caffeine, πŸ˜›
    Recession: It’s Why I’m Wearing This Crummy T-Shirt! is also a good one.

  69. Never Use a Big Word When a Diminutive One Will Suffice…for my husband.

  70. The Halo one is absolutely awesome. I almost ordered one around Christmas for myself but felt that was being greedy. Second choice would be the Game of Thrones one πŸ™‚ Good luck all!

  71. Bring me the head of the bombad general.

  72. Evil Pinwheel of Death: 18.95
    I’m Not Cynical, Everything Sucks! 13,95
    Behind Every Great Man 13.95
    Everytime Someone Uses Facebook … A Real Book Dies 13.95
    Total: 60.80 before taxes, I’m sure I could find one more shirt if I actually won.

  73. Biology – Multiplication and Division
    Hoot-N-Holler Nite Club
    Still Plays With Trains
    I Do All My Own Stunts
    Idiot Proof
    Sometimes I Aim To Please
    Uranus is a Gas Giant
    This Is Not a Drill

  74. the clowns coming out of the tardis πŸ™‚

  75. I’d like to start with this one: ‘Madness takes it’s toll – please have exact change’

  76. I’m not a cloud I’m a fart


  78. Never Use a Big Word When a Diminutive One Will Suffice

  79. I think I’d choose Pixelate.

  80. Angry Nerds and the the keep calm eat bacon

  81. The Ring’s Dark Power of Invisibility
    Force-Choked for Sure
    The Scientific Mole
    C++ Programmers Do It with Class
    A Mean O’Acid
    I Heart Forensics

  82. Yooo, the I Blame Hipsters shirt is pretty cool! If I win the contest and I promise to spread the word on who’s clearly to blame for everything by wearing the shirt as often as possible. Aside from that, Welcome to the Gun Show, Rock Paper Scissors … Bomb!, To Be Or Not To Be – Misquote and SeQret Cat are all pretty cool too!

  83. I would like the Fellowship T-Shirt.

  84. Angry Nerds

  85. love the Winter is coming

  86. I like ,Butterfly Rhinestone.
    I’ll let my family pick the ones they want, if I win. πŸ˜€

  87. I like the Lord of the breeze and unicorn poop tees lol

  88. Love the Beer Pong T-Shirts

  89. I “heart” psychology
    Dogs have owners, Cats have staffs
    Remember lil zombies, no running πŸ™‚

  90. I like the Science Ruined Dinosaurs one.

  91. These shirts are nice!

  92. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) Reply January 24, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    I like the Clown Tardis and the Lederhosen.

  93. Zombie Beer Pong T-shirt!!!

  94. Love the Young Schroedinger shirt.

  95. so many cute shirts! i like the clown tardis one.

  96. Time for a seasonal wardrobe change… Awesome way to increase NP…

  97. I would like the Winter is Coming shirt!, or the I’m not a cloud one!.

  98. Zombies Ate My Homework
    or any zombie shirts

  99. Pessimistic Rainbow cracks me up!

  100. I like “Hippocrates” and “Everyone is entitled to my opinion.”

  101. There are so many funny ones it’s hard to pick a favourite. If I win, I’ll let you surprise me.

  102. diamonds are forever, peeimistc rainboe

  103. I want the “I’m Not A Cloud, I’m A Fart” t-shirt. Soo true!

  104. It is very difficult to make a selection. They are all very nice. I just need another t-shirt while my other one is in the wash.

  105. I loved the Slave to my Cat t-shirt.

  106. i like the There’s No Place Like Home shirt

  107. I would love all the clowns coming out of the Tardis

  108. i like angry nerds

  109. I like the young shrodinger.

  110. I’m not a cloud, I’m a fart.

  111. I like the Do I Look Like a People Person? T-Shirt

  112. Winter is coming, i love that..

  113. winter is coming

  114. I Survived The Mayan Apocalypse

  115. I would like to win:
    Rated E For Evil
    1970s Tuxedo Shirt
    Angry Nerds
    Lag Kills
    Diamonds Are Forever
    I would be the happiest person in The netherlands, maybe even whole europe, and maybe also on the whole world when i would win these shirts.

  116. I like
    Warning:Accident Prone
    Mean Eggs
    Absolut Father 100 Proof
    Powered by Caffeine
    Consciousness: That Annoying Time Between Naps
    Unicorn Poop
    Make My Own Dance Moves
    I’m Irish – Do I Get A Free Beer?

  117. My favorite shirt is i’m not a cloud i’m a fart shirt, but i love them all.

  118. Zombie Outbreak Response Team

  119. Zombie Outbreak Response Team

    Seems to have been an error so I double post

  120. my kids would flip to be able to buy all the funny ts they want!

  121. Trust me – I’m a scientist- for my husband! πŸ˜€

  122. I’m not a cloud, I’m a fart (for our 19yr old son!)
    Pink Camo Skull
    Bite Me (one of my bff’s favorite sayings!)
    Grandpa-the kind of Dad’s
    Consciousness-that annoying time between naps
    The Garage is Mine (for hubby!)
    Do I look like a people person (for hubby lol)
    Beauty is in the eye of the Beerholder (can think of a few people who would like this one lol)
    I could go on and one!! πŸ˜‰ Great shirts!

  123. I’m in love with “Pixelate! Triplets” Big Doctor Who fan!! <3

    And the "Bat-van Gogh"

  124. So many great shirts but cannot go past “Hippocrates.”
    And of course “Gnomero Uno”

    This shirt is awesome but would also like Diamonds are forever for my son. Honestly though, I liked so many of the shirts it would take me forever to pick 8 of them… πŸ™‚

  126. Winter is Coming and Angry Nerds

  127. zombies ate my homework

  128. Clown Tardis!

  129. Angry Nerds tee has to be my favorite! πŸ˜€

  130. Horror Blogger Alliance

  131. The fellowship shirt is such a classic! But i think i’d also maybe love Winter is Coming!

  132. my son would love an Angry Nerds shirt

  133. angry nerds, subliminal message, blinded me with science, powered by caffeine

  134. Warning: Accident Prone. is my favorite.

  135. I’d choose Science tees (plus one Zombie tee). At least some of these: Powered by Caffeine; I’d Rather Be Carbon Dating; Subliminal Message; Where’s Higgs Boson?; Quasars Are Far Out!; Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction; Vegan Zombie.

  136. i like the horror shirts, I Heart Zombies is my fav

  137. the Bacon periodic table is great for this bacon loving family….all the shirts are fantastic..somebody has a great sense of humour..

  138. Star wars!!!

  139. I like the Battle Damage and Science Ruined Dinosaurs shirts.

  140. winter is coming

  141. I love the Santa Claus tshirt.

  142. I really like the Subliminal message t-shirt!

  143. A few of the shirts I like are “Cats prove that arrogance is bliss” , “Powered by Caffeine”, and “On the Keyboard of Life, Always Keep One Finger on the Escape Key”. It would be fun choosing the rest.

  144. Anything Zombie, Beer Pong, etc. Love the Angry Nerds too

  145. Keep Calm and Eat Bacon shirt, Welcome to Woodbury, Winter Is Coming, YOLO x 99, Schrodinger’s Cat: Wanted Dead And/Or Alive, Bad to the Gnome

  146. Equal opportunity annoyer is my fav!

  147. I would like the Wizard of Oz, The Short Version

  148. Definitely the Pixelate! The Clown Tardis, the Fellowship
    and then I would let my husband pick some
    thank you

  149. I Heart Zombies shirt!

  150. I would love the Zombies Ate My Homework tshirt for my son! It’s his birthday on superbowl sunday!

  151. I’d love the Swine Flu: Bacon’s Revenge , Bacon – Periodic Table of the Elements , Keep Calm and Eat Bacon , Hoppy Holidays , You Are What You Eat

    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  152. My favorite is SeQret Cat.

  153. I love “Never use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice”

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