Firefighting Snake Robot (Video)

Anna Konda - the Firefighting Snake Robot

Remember that cool Amphibious Robot Snake that was covered here at GeekAlerts back in June? It looks like that snake has a sister named Anna Konda, living on land and spending her days fighting fires.

The robot is to our knowledge the biggest and strongest snake robot in the world and also the first water hydraulic snake robot ever constructed.

Here’s a video demonstration of Anna Konda in action:

Technical Data

  • Length: 3 m
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Number of DOFs: 20
  • Angular flexion in each joint: +/- 33 degrees
  • Actuators: Water hydraulic cylinders
  • Max system pressure: 100 bar (1450 PSI)
  • Max torque (at 100 bar): 300 Nm

Visit SINTEF for more info and photos of Anna Konda – the Firefighting Snake Robot.

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