Effiel Tower USB Drive

Effiel Tower USB Flash Drive

Who wants a USB flash drive that is shaped like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France? Maybe those who thinks the Croissant Wrist Support is an absolutely necessary computer accessory.

The Effiel Tower shaped USB Flash Drive supports password protection and features an 8 gigibyte storage capacity. The product is yours for $38.99 over at the USB Fever website.

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Robert Birming

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.

7 Responses to “Effiel Tower USB Drive”

  1. I prefer Pizza tower

  2. Big ben would be my choise

  3. Um… I can think of any number of objects where a thumbdrive might fit. My car. Brazil. A space shuttle fuel tank. But that doesn’t make any of these things a such-and-such USB drive. Now I’m all for gadgets and I love the site. But, you know… just sayin’.

  4. Reza the Francophile Reply April 7, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    I’d want that Eiffel Tower USB flashdrive!

  5. Looks a bit cheap and tacky to me I’ll stick to high quality USB products I think!

  6. these things a such-and-such USB drive.

  7. Eiffel Tower ! not Effiel Tower ! pfff…

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