Doctor Who TARDIS Flip Top Pedal Trash Bin

Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can

If only trash cans were larger on the inside than the outside, we wouldn’t have to take out the trash as often. Sadly that’s not the case, even with this Doctor Who TARDIS Flip Top Pedal Bin. Toss your trash like a Time-Lord with this awesome Police Box bin.

For the Doctor, tossing out the trash usually involves killing Daleks or Cybermen. For us it’s more mundane. But at least we can do it in style now. This Office-sized Trash Can is modeled on the 11th Doctor’s TARDIS. Just step on the pedal and throw your trash away.

TARDIS Trash Can

Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can

  • Office-sized trash can modeled after the TARDIS
  • Step on the pedal to open the lid
  • On open:
    • Police box light illuminates
    • TARDIS materializing sound plays
  • On close:
    • TARDIS dematerializing sound plays
  • Removable interior can with handle for easy trash removal (or washing)
  • Switch under lid allows you to turn off the sound effects
  • Batteries: 3 AAA (included)
  • Dimensions: Approx. 16.5″ tall, possibly bigger on the inside

The best part is that it is sound & light activated when the pedal is pressed. It also makes the Tardis Materialization noise when opened and Tardis De-materialization noise when closed. Only £39.99 from Forbidden Planet. Pre-order it now and it will arrive in October 2012.

UPDATE September 2012: The Doctor Who TARDIS Trash Can is now available at for $89.99.

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