Dancing R/C Car

Dancing R/C Cars

This radio-controlled vehicle will blink, bounce and play music as it makes 360-degree turns, 90-degree flips, spins and do wheelies to its own built-in soundtrack.

Twin headlights and colorful, flashing LEDs add to the fun. Includes three built-in soundtracks—alternative rock, Latin dance mix and dance club hip-hop.

Dancing R/C Car

Drives forward, backward, left and right, and dances left and right to music. Features 4-wheel drive for control on tricky terrain and a full-function remote to give you total control. Remote uses 6 AAA batteries.

The Dancing R/C Truck is available from the Brookstone website for $29.95.

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  1. This is my fathers favourite vehicle. And best part is that he likes music too. You may think it is silly but my father would be happy to have one of these.

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