Chain Mail Shirt

Chain Mail Shirt

We talk a lot about zombie infestations and the possibility of a breakout happening at any point, but what do we really do about it? Have you read the Zombie Survival Guide Book? If not, then you better read So Now You’re a Zombie because that’s the direction you’re headed. If you think you are ready to take your protection to the next level from zombies or that office WoW battle that occasionally happens, then you will definitely need the Chain Mail Shirt.

The chain mail shirt is stylish and looks good in the office setting; just look below for photographic evidence if you don’t believe me. Doesn’t he look totally at piece in his stretch resistant chain mail shirt? Made from real anodized aluminum rings, these shirts weigh around 12 pounds. Light enough for running and thrashing and strong enough to hopefully keep your flesh attached.

Chain Mail Clothing

The ThinkGeek Chain Mail T-Shirt is honest-to-goodness real metal chain mail hand forged by dwarfs in forbidden mines near the center of the earth and delivered to the ThinkGeek warehouse by shrieking black apparitions in the dead of night. Its bright shine and relatively light-weight comes from its anodized aluminum construction. It’s appropriate protective wear for most occasions including office meetings and parties you would rather not have attended.

Purchase your Chain Mail Shirt at ThinkGeek from $99.99.

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