Burglar Blaster – Pepper Spray Intruder Alarm

Burglar Blaster

Burglar alarms like the Doorstop Burglar Alarm provide peace of mind with their piercing klaxon-like sounds that pierce the night and wake the neighbors. But what if an intruder isn’t scared off by loud noises? The Burglar Blaster can handle those suckers.

Combining home security with a can of pepper spray, the Burglar Blaster will make almost any intruder regret choosing your home to satisfy his law-breaking tendencies. With a passive infrared detection system acting as a trigger, the Blaster releases four ounces of OC (pepper) spray into the air that’s capable of protecting an area up to 2,000 square feet.

Of course, you don’t want to accidentally gas yourself or your family (except for maybe your mother-in-law) so the Blaster includes both a key switch and a manually activated on/off switch. The entry-time delay can be set anywhere from 0 to 40 seconds, and a non-directional warning tone will remind you to switch the unit off without allowing intruders to trace the source of the sound.

Burglar Blaster Features:

Needs no external wiring and is not affected by power outages.
Operates up to 4 years on a set of “C” cells.
Can be reloaded in seconds without tools.
Includes both a key switch and a concealed manually-activated on/off switch.
0-40 seconds entry time delay, easily set by owner with nondirectional, high pitched warning tone to remind forgetful owners to switch the unit off. Impossible for intruders to trace the sound to it’s source.
Battery test circuit
Housed in a high – strength, cast aluminum/ alloy case. Compact and unobtrusive, can be painted to blend into any setting.
Includes 90 second exit time delay.
Will operate any number of Repulsar units as accessories. (wiring required)
Includes 12V output for options and accessories
Includes automatic reset.

Loud noises are a good deterrent against criminal behavior but a healthy dose of pepper spray is even better. Get the Burglar Blaster from Bed Bunker for $600.

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