Bluetooth Cell Phone Snowboard Glove

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Bluetooth Cell Phone Snowboard Glove

If the Burton Bluetooth Snowboarding Helmet isn’t enough for you, maybe you should take a look at Swany’s g.cell – the first hands free cell phone ski and snowboard glove.


  • Incoming calls detected by vibrating wrist action — push on back of hand to receive call
  • Recharger included — phone will last for 12 hours on standby; 4 hours talk time
  • Insulated water-repellent outer shell for hours of warm dry use
  • Speaker and microphone integrated into palm and thumb
  • Call-out voice command dial system

The Bluetooth Cell Phone Snowboard Glove from Swany is due to be released this holiday season. The price is set to $495.

(Via bookofjoe)

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  2. Bluetooth Cell Phone Snowboard Glove | GeekAlerts There was now to be on holiday

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