Batman Mohawk Peruvian Hat

Batman Mohawk Peruvian Intarsia Hat

Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman, may not wear a Mohawk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. The Batman Mohawk Peruvian Hat is a stylish way to keep warm when you hit the slopes this winter or slip it on when the sun heads down after a long day of surfing.

Featuring warm ear flaps, wrap-around Batman logo, black and yellow tassels and of course a black and yellow faux Mohawk made of string, this batman hat is going to keep you warm as others think you’re cool.

Batman Mohawk Peruvian Hat

The Batman Mohawk Peruvian Intarsia Hat features a faux Mohawk made of string! A faux mo’, if you will. Wait, strike that. We just urban dictionary’d “faux mo” and it is something completely different. Alternating black and yellow strings form the Mohawk as well as the braided tassels that dangle from each ear flap. And with that popular, ear-covering Peruvian-style design, this soft skull-covering should help keep you warm and show your love of Batman!

You can purchase the Batman Mohawk Peruvian Hat at for $18.99.

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