Aliens Alien Xenomorph Head Metal Bottle Opener

Aliens Alien Xenomorph Head Bottle Opener

In space, no one can hear you scream…As you jump for joy and pop the top off of your drink with this awesome Aliens Alien Xenomorph Head Metal Bottle Opener.

Let an alien do all of the hard work. This metal bottle opener is inspired by the sci-fi classic Aliens and of course it looks just like the head of a Xenomorph. This 4-inch long Aliens Alien Xenomorph Head Metal Bottle Opener is sure to delight and entertain your friends.

This scary and amazing bottle opener is just $17.99 from Entertainment Earth. Pre-order it now and it will be available in May of 2014.

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Conner Flynn

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Conner has been blogging for major internet publications since 2007, has authored several Sci-Fi novels and short stories and loves geek/tech toys. His latest project is a new geek toy store over at where he hopes to make many geeks happy by making sure they stay young.

2 Responses to “Aliens Alien Xenomorph Head Metal Bottle Opener”

  1. I’m sad that this was posted near the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas, yet it’s not available until May. If I remember, I’ll be back to order for a Christmas gift next year. It’s SO awesome!! 🙂

  2. Is this safe for use as an… adult toy? My desire to get one for that is only outweighed by my desire to not get heavy metal poisoning.

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