Adidas Star Wars Hoth Skywalker Shoes

Adidas Star Wars Hoth Skywalker Shoes

Yesterday we presented that awesome Star Wars X Wing Pilot Hoodie and now we have the perfect shoes to go with it: Adidas Star Wars Hoth Skywalker Shoes. Just like the rebel pilot hoodie, these Hoth Skywalker Shoes are great for cold weather. For fans of The Empire Strike Back, it is easy to tell that the design of these shoes is patterned after the footwear worn by Luke Skywalker around Echo Base on the frozen planet of Hoth.

Adidas Hoth Luke Skywalker Shoes

At the beginning of “The Empire Strikes Back,” Luke rides a woolly tauntaun as he patrols the tundra around Echo Base. Built from materials inspired by Luke’s Planet Hoth outfit, these adidas Star Wars Hoth shoes also feature a portrait of the young Jedi in a green similar to his tinted goggles.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Hoth Shoes

Star Wars Hoth Skywalker Shoes

  • Mixed materials upper inspired by Luke Skywalker’s Hoth outfit
  • “Star Wars” print removable insole
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Perforated toe for breathability
  • Pivot-point outsole for maximum traction
  • Cushioned midsole for lightweight comfort

Order Hoth Skywalker Shoes for $140 a pair at Places like North America and Europe don’t get as cold as Hoth, but warm, comfortable footwear is still a necessity.

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