4GB USB Flash Memory Wristband

4GB USB Flash Memory Wristband

This durable plastic USB 2.0 flash drive allows you to carry up to 4 gigabytes of data in a convenient way in the shape of a wristband.


  • Made of twistable durable plastic, built-in memory chip to store information
  • No power required
  • Plug and play
  • Adopt hi-speed USB2.0 interface as wristband’s connector.
  • High performance write up to 800Kbps and read up to 970 Kbps
  • Memory Capacity: 4096MB
  • Size: approx 200mm
  • Weight: 17.8g

The 4GB USB Flash Memory Wristband is available for 12.81 Euros (about $20 USD) over at the SourcingMap website.

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11 Responses to “4GB USB Flash Memory Wristband”

  1. nice band, better having a integrated watch or what

  2. Or may be some UV Detector coz it’s useful for summer time. 🙂

  3. Had one but only got it for a month after that the USB and the rubber start slipping and you keep loosing it… nice concept wrong material.

  4. Thanks for stopping by folks, and thank you for the info Jesse!

  5. Is it just me, or is the usb jack in the picture horribly crushed?

  6. True Nick, it really does look like it. 🙂

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