3-D IQ Sphere: If Rubik’s Cube Was a Ball

3-D IQ Sphere

If you took the classic Rubik’s Cube mechanical puzzle and changed it into the shape of a ball, you’d get something that looked much like this 3-D IQ Sphere.


  • Good for creative thinking & improve both your IQ & EQ
  • Hints: Take a Break & Retry it
  • Functions: decoration, brain training, home and office fun
  • Diameter(approx.): 70mm

3-D IQ Sphere

The 3-D IQ Sphere is available over at the Toys Brando website for $9.

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Robert Birming

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17 Responses to “3-D IQ Sphere: If Rubik’s Cube Was a Ball”

  1. That is not new. I had one when I was a kid – at least 20 years ago. I probably still have it in a box somewhere.

  2. Cool, I had no idea they’ve been around for that long.

    Thanks for your comment Brian!

  3. Holy shit! MY SCIENCE TEACHER HAS ONE O’ THOSE (which I solved for her yesterday)!!!

  4. By the look of this, you would solve it the exact same way as a normal Rubik’s cube… But it does look kick ass… damn, now I want one O.o

  5. Like Brian said, these aren’t new. I’ve had one since the mid-eighties. The thing is heavy and solid, but forget any kind of speed record–it’s trick to align the cracks so you can turn. As a decor item it’s brilliant though.

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