Toasted Selfies

Toasted Selfies

Enter a new dimension in eating with Toasted Selfies, the toaster that lets you personalize your toast.

Forget about seeing your name in lights or your face on the big screen. What you really want is to see your smiling face in the scorch marks of your toasted bread. Of course, it doesn’t just have to be your face. After all, you’re not vain. You’d be perfectly happy eating the face of your pet or a friend, too. Wow! That makes it sound weird.

Color accents on the white toaster make it easy to choose one that fits in with your kitchen style, with choices including blue, red, yellow, green, and powder. Also, the front of the toaster will have a full-color water-peel decal of your photo as a reminder of what design is being burned into the toast.

To add a little variety to your toaster art, you can even choose to have logos, notes, or even Edgar Allen Poe as the burned-in image.

Toasted Selfies are available for $75 at Burnt Impressions.

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