Zombie Be the Character Snuggie Blanket

April 24, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

Now you can be a zombie and be comfortable while you are hanging out at home. This Zombie Be the Character Snuggler Blanket will turn you into a zombie. At least on the outside. This great snuggie styled zombie blanket features an image of a […]


Catwoman Throw Blanket with Sleeves

February 6, 2013 Conner Flynn 0

It is cold this time of year, but don’t grab that blanket. Instead use this Catwoman Throw Blanket with Sleeves. It will turn you into Catwoman while you lounge around the house. This throw blanket measures 48″ x 71″ and is made of super soft […]


The Dark Knight Rises Throw Blanket with Sleeves

December 18, 2012 Conner Flynn 0

Be the guardian of Gotham with this super comfortable The Dark Knight Rises Throw Blanket with Sleeves. You will be a very warm and toasty crime fighter while you sit on the couch and watch the Dark Knight trilogy. This adult sized Batman Costume Throw […]

Wonder Woman snuggie

Wonder Woman Throw Blanket With Sleeves

September 21, 2012 Conner Flynn 0

Is your woman a Wonder Woman? Well, buy her this Wonder Woman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves and she will be. She will be instantly transformed into the female Superhero that we all know and love. It will also keep you warm and toasty ladies. […]

Domo Fleece Blanket

Domo Blanket

September 8, 2012 James Kelly 0

Yes, we all know Winter is Coming!…but thankfully that doesn’t mean we’re going to have to fight off Wildlings, White Walkers or Giants. Normal folk just want to stay warm as they sit their butts on the couch with a bowl of treats and enjoy […]

Soft Kitty Blanket with Sleeves

Soft Kitty Blanket with Sleeves

August 22, 2012 James Kelly 0

Soft kitty, Warm kitty, Little ball of fur. Happy kitty, Sleepy kitty, Purr, purr, purr. Slip on the Soft Kitty Blanket with Sleeves and sing yourself to sleep on those nights when you’re not feeling your best. This officially licensed Big Bang Theory item is […]

Hello Kitty Throw Blankets with Sleeves

Hello Kitty Snuggy Blankets with Sleeves

December 29, 2011 James Kelly 0

Everyone loves a good blanket to cuddle up with on chilly nights. You’ve had your chance to wrap your arms around the Superman, Man of Steel Fleece Blanket, and you even got to stay warm with Spidey and Batman. Those fleece blankets are fine for […]


Superman Snuggie Fleece Blanket with Sleeves

December 22, 2011 Conner Flynn 0

There’s nothing better than lounging around the house dressed like a superhero and if you absolutely have to do it, you might as well be Superman. This Superman Snuggie Fleece Blanket with Sleeves makes it easy. It’s made of Polyester Fleece and will keep you […]

DC Comics Logos Comfy Throw with Sleeves

DC Comics Logos Snuggie Blanket with Sleeves

December 5, 2011 Conner Flynn 0

If your love of Comic Books is keeping you up all night and you find yourself chilled, there is no better blanket than this DC Comics Logos Snuggie Blanket with Sleeves. This cozy throw blanket will not only keep you warm, but it will also […]

Spiderman Throw Blanket With Sleeves

Spider-Man Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves

December 2, 2011 Hazel Chua 0

If you can’t be the king (or queen) of the world, then at least you can still be the king (or queen) of your own living room, in the figurative sense, of course. Because no one can tell you what to do or what to […]

Batman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves

Batman Snuggie Blanket With Sleeves

November 28, 2011 Conner Flynn 0

This may be the most awesome snuggie ever. It can turn anyone into the caped crusader with one easy step. Just put it over yourself. This is the Batman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves. This adult size Batman Comfy Costume Throw is sized for everyone […]

Pac-Man Snuggie

Pac-Man Snuggie

May 17, 2011 Ryan Cooper 0

You could buy the Pacman Fleece Blanket, but it can slip and slide. When you need to reach for something, your hands might be trapped inside. What you need to keep warm is the Pac-Man Snuggie! OK, it isn’t from the Snuggie brand…it isn’t even […]