Chocolate Shots

Chocolate. It’s almost as good as bacon. You can never get enough. Well now you can satisfy your chocolate cravings with Chocolate Shots. Just fill them with alcohol or cream. Whatever you want, as long as it isn’t hot. This should give you the shot […]


Superman Gets Dirty Shot Glass Set

Being Superman isn’t all roses. Sometimes he has to get down and dirty. This Superman Gets Dirty 4-Pack Shot Glass Set represents just that. Superman in action, kicking up the dirt. Which raises an interesting question. Who does Superman’s laundry? I have no idea, but […]


Eye Chart Shot Glasses

Keep your eyes sharp with this set of 4 Eye Chart Shot Glasses and practice reading them every night to keep your vision in top shape. Well, at least until you’ve had one too many drinks. These shot glasses are designed to resemble a classic […]


Camera Lens Shot Glasses

Photographers are going to love these Camera Lens Shot Glasses. You could never drink from your actual camera lenses, but these are good to go. You get a set of 3 shot glasses that look like camera lenses. Each holds just over 1.5 oz. They […]


Sexy Lady Shot Glass

Whose that sexy lady? She’s your drink. This Sexy Lady Shot Glass adds some curves to your beverage, making it pleasant to look at before you drink it all up. This glass is handmade from lightweight and durable borosilicate glass. The double walled structure separates […]


Trash Can Shot Glass Set

We’ve seen our share of shot glasses here at Geek Alerts, and now it is time to take out the trash. This Trash Can Shot Glass Set, that is. These little shot glasses will get you trashed. These shot glasses look like little trash cans, […]


Marvel Ladies Colored Shot Glass Set

The fairer sex needs their share of Marvel items too and this Marvel Ladies Colored Shot Glass Set looks super pretty. They are geared toward the female Marvel fans. These awesome shot glasses feature Captain America, Invisible Woman, Incredible Hulk, Spider Woman, Storm, Iron Man, […]


Toxic Waste Shot Glass Set

Looking for something different in a shot glass set? Try this Toxic Waste Shot Glass Set. You can get toxically wasted with your favorite beverage. You get a set of 3 shot glasses made of ceramic. Each is different and measures 2.5 ” tall by […]


Lab Flask Shot Glass

The next time you pour a drink, drink up like a mad scientist and use this Lab Flask Shot Glass. It’s the perfect way for lab geeks to de-stress. This shot glass looks just like a mini lab flask, but instead of dangerous chemicals you […]


Joker Shot Glass

Have a drink with the clown prince of crime with this Joker Shot Glass. It’s better than having a drink with the actual Joker, because you know, he would probably serve you a poison laughing gas drink or something. As villains go, the Joker is […]