Muppets ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ T-Shirt

You think you know how to insult, diss, troll, and throw shade? Pay your respects to the original haters with the Muppets ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ T-Shirt, because nobody can hate on these two masters of grumpy. When it comes to throwing Jedi-Master-level insults, nobody can […]


Muppets Character Encyclopedia

Muppet fans will be more than happy to spend hours perusing this Muppets Character Encyclopedia Hardcover Book. The entire Muppet gang is here. Everyone from Kermit the Frog to Animal and Fozzie Bear. Each page of this guide features a different Muppet profile that has […]

Scooby Doo Slippers

BunnySlippers Plush Slippers Review

There’s nothing more exciting than receiving bunny slippers in the mail, especially at this nippy time of the year. GeekAlerts was fortunate enough to test out two awesome pairs of ‘New Arrival’ slippers from Were they everything we thought they’d be? You betcha. They […]