Star Wars Jedi Order Class Ring

Let everyone know you’re the real deal with the Jedi Order Class Ring because there are a lot of posers out there who haven’t even taken Lightsaber Assembly 101. It’s one thing to say you’re a Jedi, but it’s something else entirely when you have […]


Star Wars Jedi Cowl Dress

Be stylish. Be mysterious. Be both at once. You can have it all with the Star Wars Jedi Cowl Dress. So you love how regal and mysterious the Jedi look in their robes, with their faces hidden by a cowl. Unfortunately, you’ve never been able […]


Star Wars Paper Giclee Prints

Do you support the heroes or the villains? You can support both with the Star Wars Paper Giclee Prints. Artist Mike Kungl has created plenty of awesome pieces of Star Wars art, with these three limited-edition posters offering distinctive looks for the Rebels, the Empire, […]


Jedi Academy Book

The Jedi Academy Book will show you what it is like training to become a Jedi. Middle School is hard for everyone and Jedi are no different. This fun and clever book was written and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown and is the perfect Star Wars […]

Star Wars Ben Kenobi Mythos Polystone Statue

Ben Kenobi Mythos Polystone Statue

The Star Wars movies covered a huge chunk of time but some things remain unknown. The Ben Kenobi Mythos Polystone Statue provides a great look at what might have happened between Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan Kenobi becoming Alec Guinness’ Ben Kenobi. Exactly what did old Obi-Wan […]


Star Wars Twi’lek Crocheted Hat

Star Wars fans will immediately recognize the Star Wars Twi’lek Crocheted Hat. Designed to resemble the Aayla Secura, the Rutian Twi’lek Jedi Master in the later days of the Republic, this hat will provide more than just warmth to Jedi fans. Slip it on and […]