Land And Water RC Hovercraft

This impressive Land And Water RC Hovercraft functions like a real hovercraft. Its horizontal fan inflates the two rubber air skirts, allowing the remote control craft to ride on a cushion of air over both land and water. The twin drive fans can propel the […]


Golf Cart Hovercraft

Whether you’re a master on the golf course or not, you can impress everyone on the green with the Golf Cart Hovercraft, and possibly make people forget that terrible pop-up you did on the last hole. Unless you’re a true glutton for punishment, walking the […]

The Flying Hovercraft

Flying Hovercraft

Forget cars, boats, and horse-drawn carriages. The Flying Hovercraft lets you conquer land, sea, and air without ever having to switch vehicles. You might have seen the Personal Hovercraft, which was all kinds of cool, but this new ride puts adds a whole new level […]

Two Person Hovercraft

Personal Hovercraft

These days, if you have the money, you can buy just about anything. Want a Killer Whale Submarine, a Multi-Million Dollar RV, an Animatronic Dinosaur, or a Water Jet Pack? These are all available provided you’ve got the Benjamins. Now you can add Personal Hovercraft […]