Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure

Guard your hearts and beware broken bones because the craziest girl in Gotham City is back in town with the Harley Quinn Premium Format Figure, and she has two completely different looks… along with a really big hammer. The latest Limited Edition Harley figure from […]


Harley Quinn Tank Dress

If you dream of being the Joker’s sidekick and talking with a really annoying voice, you know that you have to get this Harley Quinn Tank Dress. In fact, this dress will probably attract every creepy and crazy person who belongs in Arkham Asylum. But […]

Harley Quinn Red White and Black Web Belt

Harley Quinn & Joker Belts

It’s usually a bad idea to let the Clown Prince of Crime’s number-one girl wrap herself around your waist but you should be safe with the Harley Quinn Red, White, and Black Web Belt… unless the Joker has a jealous streak. Sweet, crazy Harley might […]