Fossil Megalodon Teeth

Real Fossil Megalodon Teeth

While The Meg, currently in theaters scaring audiences, is clearly fiction, megalodons are real. They aren’t terrorizing beach-goers and boaters because this species of giant sharks went extinct millions of years ago, but you can still find and buy Real Fossilized Megalodon Teeth. Pictured at […]

Mini Fossil Dig

Mini Fossil Dig Kit

The Mini Fossil Dig Kit includes two digging tools to unearth stuff for fun. Digging for treasures is fun and your kids are going to love this kit. It’s a great indoor activity and if you want, you can do it with your kids. Mini […]

T-Rex Fossil Mug

T-Rex Fossil Mug

It doesn’t take an archaeologist to dig this cool mug. This T-Rex Fossil Mug looks like a T. rex fossil and has a dimensional skeleton on the body of the mug, while the tail bones form the handle. Perfect for anyone who is a Tyrannosaurus […]

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Fossil Anadigi Retro Watches

Don’t need gadget bling like Multimedia OLED Wristwatch? Don’t want to be late again due to the fact that you forgot how to read the time on your 1000100101 Black? Wait a minute – are you actually considering buying a watch to be able to […]