Linx Construction Vertices

Linx Construction Vertices

Imagine if you could take drinking straws and turn them into amazing architectural wonders. That’s the idea behind Linx Construction Vertices. You can use Linx Vertices to connect straws into all kids of creations. Stuff like spheres, domes, crystalline structures, tubes, and other stuff. You […]

LEGO Head Lamp

LEGO Head Lamps

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you had three hands? Maybe you’re working on a project that that requires a little extra light, but you need both hands and a third would be great for holding the flashlight. That’s where […]


Construction Plate & Utensils

Just in case you needed an excuse to play with your food; you’ve now got one.  The Construction Plate & Utensils come complete with a plate that resembles a construction site and three utensils that look like more like Tonka Toys that half transformed into […]


Mr. Construction Fan

No wonder this fellow looks a bit sad and tired. When he’s not performing his heavy duties at the construction site, he will have to lift his hat off to provide you with a fresh breath of air from the head-mounted fan.