IT We All Float Up There T-Shirt

September 8, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Pennywise the Dancing Clown gets in touch with his artsy side on the IT We All Float Up There T-Shirt. Stephen King’s monstrous clown can make himself look like what kids fear most, which might explain why he confronts little Georgie Denbrough looking like something […]


It Pennywise Premium Motion Statue

August 31, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Everyone’s favorite clown from Derry wants to show you how things float with the It Pennywise Premium Motion Statue. Based on Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise the Clown in the 1990 It television mini-series, this creeptastic statue stands approximately 15-inches tall and features the Pennywise […]


Living Dead Dolls Presents It 1990 Pennywise Doll

July 5, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Everyone loves clowns and that love will never be stronger than when you gaze upon the Living Dead Dolls Presents It 1990 Pennywise Doll and ask yourself a very important question – Does everyone really float down there? It’s a question that Pennywise will be […]


Jaws Clown Shirt

June 25, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Two horror icons collide on the Jaws Clown Shirt, and poor Georgie is having a bad day, no matter what he does. Georgie just needs to give up on the boat thing. It’s harmful to his health. After a bad experience taught him to avoid […]


Stephen King’s IT Floating T-Shirt

June 7, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

We all float down here and you’ll float too when you wear the Stephen King’s IT Floating T-Shirt. Pennywise the clown and poor Georgie get new looks from artist Saqman, who gives us an idea of what Stephen King’s IT would look like if brought […]


Stephen King’s IT Art Print

May 6, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

Will you float if you get the Stephen King’s IT Art Print? You will if Pennywise the Clown has anything to say about it. Artist Christopher Shy brings us an eye-catching image of Stephen King’s Pennywise… because everybody loves clowns, especially clowns who give away […]


Send in the Clowns T-Shirt

January 5, 2017 Marty Shaw 0

You prepared for the wrong type of apocalypse? The Send in the Clowns T-Shirt feels your pain. You’ve been waiting patiently for the zombie apocalypse so you can unleash your inner Daryl Dixon… and then creepy clowns show up instead. Suddenly, they’re everywhere, popping up […]


Stephen King’s IT ‘You’ll Float Too’ T-Shirt

October 21, 2016 Marty Shaw 1

Everyone loves clowns, which is why everyone will love you when you wear the Stephen King’s IT ‘You’ll Float Too’ T-Shirt. The King of horror has unleashed many creepy creatures from his twisted imagination but Pennywise the Clown has to be one of the creepiest, […]


King of Horror T-Shirt

February 15, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Get your horror groove on with the King of Horror T-Shirt and celebrate three classic horror novels from Stephen King that made the leap from page to screen. As if clowns weren’t creepy enough, King had to crank the freaky factor up a few notches […]

Clown Tardis T-Shirt

Clown Tardis T-Shirt

October 15, 2012 Marty Shaw 1

The madman in the box stepped out to take a bathroom break while visiting the circus and now his awesome Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine has been stolen by truly evil entities. The Clown TARDIS T-Shirt captures a sight we’ve all seen before […]