Cinema Box Marquee Light

Cinema Box Marquee Light

The Cinema Box Marquee Light lets you put your name in lights and other words too. It includes 72 letters, numbers, and symbols. It is battery operated so you can place it anywhere. It is great in the office, kitchen, or anywhere. Display any special […]

Small Dancing Snack People Signs

Small Dancing Snacks Sign Set

A lot of home theaters I see are designed seriously modern and hi-tech, but they lack that certain something; cheesiness. Public theaters have always been cheesy in nature in my opinion; from the psychedelic carpeting, to the silly trivia quizzes before previews, to the bright yellow cheese that saturates wannabe nacho […]

Rotating Home Theater

Home Theater with Rotating Floor

Time for another one of those amazing home theater creations. This one has a rotating floor which transforms the seating arrangement. Once inside, they can watch a movie complete with 7.1 surround sound. After one show ends, though, the homeowners can press a button for […]

No Picture

15 Cool Home Theaters

The guys over at the great SlipperyBrick blog has compiled a list of the 15 coolest geek-themed home theaters. You might have seen a couple of them here at GeekAlerts, like the Death Star Home Theater from the picture above.