Poppin’ Hot Oven Mitt

You use bubble wrap when you have an item you want to keep safe while transporting it, and now you can show the same loving care to yourself while cooking with the Poppin’ Hot Oven Mitt. Almost everyone agrees that bubble wrap provides great protection […]


Bubble Wrap Suit

If you are making a B Movie or just want to start a new fashion trend, try this awesomely geeky Bubble Wrap Suit. It’s great for all kinds of occasions. This bubble wrap space suit is made with real Bubble Wrap and since one size […]

Bubble Wrap Tie

Bubble Wrap Tie

No one can resist popping the bubbles on bubble wrap. It’s a great way to cure your boredom. And now, with this Bubble Wrap Tie, you can get all of the joy of popping bubbles right from your own neck. Make your office attire fun […]

Bubblewrap 2013 Calendar

2013 Bubble Wrap Calendar

Bubblewrap must be popped. It just has to. You can’t stop yourself. That’s why this 2013 Bubble Wrap Calendar features individual, extra-large bubbles for every day of the year. Make everyday exciting and start it with a pop. Each date is clearly printed of course, […]