Doctor Who Cyberman Bust

Upgrade your decor with the Doctor Who Cyberman Bust and delete any friend who isn’t blown away by the cool design. Matt Buckley of Edge Sculpture created this eye-catching version of the Doctor’s iconic nemesis with ceramic polystone, and it’s been hand-painted and hand-finished. It’s […]


Doctor Who DVD Regeneration Boxset

This Doctor Who DVD Regeneration Boxset is perfect for those who haven’t seen the Doctor’s regenerations. Even those who have seen all of the regeneration episodes will love seeing them again. This limited edition coffee table book and DVD set has each available regeneration of […]


Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Wallet

Imagine if you could have a Time Lord keep an eye on your money. Now forget that and imagine what it would be like to have eleven Time Lords watch your money because that’s exactly what happens with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Wallet. Bi-fold […]