Batwoman First Look Trailer
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Batwoman – First Look Trailer

There’s a new Batwoman series coming this fall to The CW, which you can preview now in the Batwoman First Look Trailer. Batwoman (2019) stars Ruby Rose as Batwoman / Kate Kane and features Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson, Elizabeth Anweis, Rachel Skarsten, and […]


Batwoman Art Print

Kate Kane brings a new defender to Gotham City with the Batwoman Art Print. Once upon a time ago, Batwoman had a crush on Batman and carried a Bat Utility Purse. Times have changed and Kathy Kane has been replaced by Kate Kane, who has […]


Classic Batwoman Kathy Kane Maquette

Holy love interests, Batman! The Classic Batwoman Kathy Kane Maquette brings back a Bat character that has gone through some serious changes. These days, Katherine (Kate) Kane is a Jewish lesbian who fights crime in her own comic book, but back in 1956, Katherine (Kathy) […]


Kotobukiya Batwoman Bishoujo Statue

She’s a long way from being ugly but the Kotobukiya Batwoman Bishoujo Statue ups the cuteness factor of Kate Kane as she gets the Bishoujo (pretty girl) treatment. Standing approximately 10-inches tall, this statue features the latest incarnation of Batwoman, based on original character art […]