Deadite Comics Series T-Shirt

Slip into this Deadite Comics Series T-Shirt and say ‘This is my boomstick, Bub,’ to make the mash-up complete. You might even want to toss in a ‘Snikt’ just for the fun of it. Classic comic books meet classic horror movies as Ash Williams strikes […]


Hail to the King T-Shirt

Grab your boomstick and chainsaw, and get ready to defend the world from Deadites. Oh, and don’t forget your Hail to the King T-Shirt because looking good while fighting Evil is important. Ash isn’t terribly handsome and he’ll never be accused of being the sharpest […]


Army of Darkness Ash Pop! Vinyl Figure

It’s time to get groovy with the Army of Darkness Ash Pop! Vinyl Figure, featuring everybody’s favorite Deadite fighter as he prepares to get medieval with the Deadites. With his boomstick in hand and chainsaw at the ready, this 3 3/4-inch tall figure could almost pass […]