AOC’s Portable 16-inch USB Monitor

AOC Portable 16-inch USB Monitor

March 16, 2012 James Kelly 3

Are you looking for a great deal on a portable LED monitor that can save you from the dreaded swapping back and forth between browsers and programs while working on your laptop? AOC’s Portable 16-inch USB Monitor is normally a steal at $139, but from […]

AOC Ultra-Slim Aire HD Pro Monitor

AOC Launches Ultra-Slim Aire Pro 23″ Monitor

November 18, 2011 James Kelly 0

With Black Friday and the rest of the holiday shopping specials about to get under way, AOC, the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD/LED Monitors and HDTVs, just announced the new AOC Ultra-Slim Aire Pro 23″ Monitor. This high definition monitor has an ultra-sleek design with […]