Taco Shell Toaster

Taco Shell Toaster

Tacos are awesome. Taco shells from the store kinda suck. Keep the awesome and avoid the suck with the Taco Shell Toaster.

I love tacos, but buying taco shells at the store is sort of like playing the lottery. How many shells will be broken in this box? One? All of them? You’ll never know until you get home and open the box.

You can use soft tortillas to make soft tacos but it’s just not the same, but this unique toaster lets you add the crunch to soft tortillas. And look at that opening!!!! Some taco shells are folded so tight I can’t even get my finger in there without the shell breaking, and a taco without a shell is a taco salad… and salad is dangerously close to being healthy.

  • The 2-shell capacity lets you make multiple tacos quickly.
  • Turns your standard corn or flour tortillas into delicious crunchy taco shells.
  • 750W of power deliver rapid heating.
  • Timer.
  • Tongs included.
  • 8.25″ h x 7.0″ w x 13.0″ d./ 13.0 lb

The Taco Shell Toaster is available for $30 at Fancy.

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