Submarine Sports Car

Do you still drive on dry land? Yeah? How utterly boring of you. Dare to be different with the Submarine Sports Car.

You’ll need to be sitting down when you see the price, and you might actually need a defibrillator, too, but we’re talking about a car that drives on land, on the surface of water, and underwater so a steep price is sort of understandable.

Inspired by the submarine Lotus driven by Roger Moore’s James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me, this two-person car has the same steel chassis used in the Lotus Elise and it can reach speeds up to 75MPH on dry land… but you don’t really care about the normal car part, do you?

The car floats when driven into the water, and with a pull of a lever, it becomes a submarine and dives below the water’s surface.

It’s capable of diving down to 33-feet and propellers at the rear provide forward movement up to 2 knots. If you noticed that the car is a convertible, you might wonder if you need to practice holding your breath but there are no worries in that department because two built-in scuba tanks and diving regulators allow two people to remain underwater for an hour.

Available for $2,000,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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