Sheng Kwong Metal Gong

Design Toscano Sheng Kwong Metal Gong

Do you know anyone who owns a real gong? I don’t know a soul who owns one, but I think a gong would come in extra handy in loud households or to get the attention of family members with selective hearing. The Sheng Kwong Metal Gong would be a great first choice in case you happen to be shopping for gongs.

Besides looking regal enough to be on exhibit in a museum, the gong is functional and comes with a metal beater so you can strike it when the urge arises. Wake up everyone in the house, the neighborhood, and perhaps even startle the dead. Use it as a dinner bell, a warning, or to mark pinnacle times of celebration like on New Year’s Eve.

Sheng Kwong Authentic Metal Gong
A sharp staccato sound with long lasting shimmer is the reward for touching beater to metal on this traditional, suspended Chinese gong. Two feet of authentic, quality metal with an antique finish is paired with a companion metal beater, resulting in a work of decorative art that’s the perfect addition to any Asian art collection.
18″W x 8″D x 24″H. 6 lbs.

Standing at just two-feet tall, the Sheng Kwong Metal Gong is $89.95 at SkyMall.

If you want to wake up to the sound of a gong in the morning but want it to automatically strike, you can buy the much smaller Gong Alarm Clock.

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