Quickies – Digitized Post-it Notes

Quickies Digitized Post-it Notes

Pravan Mistry, a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab, has come up with a cool way of digitizing 3M’s good ol’ yellow Post-it notes.

‘Quickies’ are stickies that have some intelligence and the ability to remind us about the task we ought to perform or to provide us at the right time with the information we captured in the past. ‘Quickies’ enrich the experience of using sticky notes by allowing them to be tracked and managed more effectively.

The project explores how the use of RFID, Artificial Intelligence and ink recognition technologies can make it possible to create intelligent sticky notes that can be searched, can send reminders and messages, and more broadly, can help us to seamlessly connect our physical and digital worlds.

Here’s a video demonstration of the Quickies:

More information about the Quickies project at pranavmistry.com. (Update: Link removed, as this website no longer exists.)

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