Nintendo NES Controller Bra

Nintendo NES Controller Bra

For all you guys out there that know nothing about ladies and a whole lot about pushing buttons, here’s your chance to possibly be good at both. The Nintendo NES Controller Bra will help calm your nerves and allow you to focus on an A,B,B,A combination that may help you score some points with your lady friend.

The classic NES styled controller bra comes in sizes from 32A – 38DD so your options should be pretty good at finding someone this will fit. Sit back…Take a deep breath…And remember you’ve been playing with this controller since the 80s!

Whether you know a geekette that needs a cool bra or you have a video gaming guy friend that looks like he is ready for one, the Nintendo NES Controller Bra will be perfect and it’s only $35 at Etsy.


  1. I’d just like to point out that *at no point in this whole description* do you acknowledge that there might be a woman in existence that would enjoy this bra because *she enjoys games*. In fact, the copy is trying to sell a bra to male gamers.

    I’m going to repeat that, because I still don’t believe it myself.

    This post is trying to sell a bra (a bra) to male gamers. To ease their nervousness about having sex with women.

    It even encourages women to buy one for their male gamer friend! Because, what women want to do is buy a product designed for women, give it to a man, so they can give it to some other woman who he wants to screw (and who apparently doesn’t get to decide what she wears)!

    Come on folks, we can do better. You do realize that half of the population is female, right? And we like to buy stuff too? With this kind of copy, it certainly won’t be from GeekAlerts.

    • With all due respect Ms. Valseven, you have your facts wrong. According to the Brassiere Retail Association, 80% of bras are sold to men. This rises to an overwhelming 98% when it comes to Nintendo bras. So they would be foolish to try to sell these things to women instead of male gamers.

      Come on, it isn’t like I’m just making this stuff up.

      • To be perfectly honest, you aren’t quite correct. If you can observe these comments, one would notice that the majority of the interested buyers are, in fact, female. Also, ‘Ms. Valseven’ simply mentioned that, in no way, AT ALL, can you find any possible mention of women buying this for themselves. This is rather offensive to fellow female gamers. It wouldn’t be so difficult to mention that women themselves can buy it FOR themselves.

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