Nike+ SportBand – Wristwatch for Runners

Nike+ SportBand

The Nike+ SportBand wristwatch allows runners to see their distance, pace, time and calories burned when they run. Users can then send the data to their profile and keep track of the progress online.

Designed for runners who choose not to run with music and for those times when you can’t use music, the Nike+ SportBand provides all the benefits of Nike+ technology, but opens up the Nike+ experience to a broader audience of runners. Runners who enjoy that extra motivation, or who are music fans, can continue to hear their run details through an iPod nano system.

Nike+ SportBand

In the same manner that the Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows shoes to send information to a nano, the Nike+ SportBand is a wristwatch that also monitors a runner’s steps. But now a runner can check time, pace, distance and calories burned at a glance of the wrist. The Nike+ SportBand watch face is a detachable LINK that captures all the run data from a sensor located in the runner’s Nike+ ready footwear. Once a run is completed, the LINK conveniently plugs into a computer like a USB drive, so data can then be sent to where a runner’s progress is tracked.

You can read more about the new Nike+ SportBand over at the Business Wire website. No word on pricing or availability yet.

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  1. I reacently got the Nike+ Ipod that has a piece that goes into your shoes. I purchased a piece on ebay that made the Nike+ compatible with any shoe. I love this. It has a great voice over feature that counts down letting you know when you’ve reached the halfway point and then counts down your last 500 feet.

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